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Ban on Fur-Based Products Does More Harm Than Good. Stop California Legislature from  targeting a centuries-old craft for elimination.

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The growing opposition to AB44 has taken longer than it should have for a simple reason: No one who farms and sells furs would have expected the California Legislature to seriously try to target their centuries-old craft for elimination—certainly not businesses that legally operate, produce jobs, and pay their taxes. Read More...

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The fur ban, sponsored by Assemblywoman Laura Friedman, D-Glendale, is one of several animal rights bills that are moving forward through the Legislature targeting once-popular industries that now are perceived as out-of-fashion among the state’s power brokers.. Read More...

Interview with Keith Kaplan of The Fur Information Council of America

For two decades Larry Becker’s shop, Dicker and Dicker of Beverly Hills, has specialized in fashions with fur. Now, as California edges closer than ever to banning the sale of new fur, he fears an advancing state bill would be disastrous to his livelihood. Read More...

For more than three decades, furrier Bennie Lin outfitted San Francisco’s elite in custom pieces — chinchilla vests, full-length mink coats and lynx jackets — from his showroom in the South of Market neighborhood.  Read More...

A Ban on Fur-Based Products is a Blatant Form of Discrimination….

“And not only does the bill attempt to legislate personal morality, it passes judgement on the significance of the traditions of certain cultural groups. For example, the bill provides exemptions relating to use by the Orthodox Jewish community and the Native American community, but it fails to recognize the cultural significance and important traditions surrounding fur in the African American community.”

Earl “Skip” Cooper, President, Black Business Association

…Against the African American Community

“While I'd like for people to wake up to the cruelty of fur, I don't believe in banning something for everyone just because I don't personally care for it…We don’t need laws for clothing. I'm a transvestite who wears women's clothes, so government-enforced dress codes make me nervous. My not ever wearing fur or feathers since I became involved with PETA is my choice."

Lady Bunny, Drag Legend, Actress, Musician (Former PETA Spokesperson)

…Against the LGBTQ Community

“Many retailers, both small and large, sell these items which drive a significant part of our economy, including tourism…A ban would deprive shop owners and employees of jobs upon which they depend to support themselves, encourage visitors to shop in other states, and cause significant negative impacts to our economy, including shuttered stores and loss of tax revenue that goes to pay for important city services.”  

Tracy Hernandez, President, Los Angeles County Business Federation

…Against Struggling Small Businesses

“It’s about more than just fur coats—anti-fur activists such as PETA ultimately want to ban leather, wool, silk, and other animal products. They want to impose a vegan lifestyle on others.”

Will Coggin, Center for Consumer Freedom

…Against Californians’ Personal Choices

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